Lubrication Engineers is a one-stop shop for lubrication reliability.

We will work closely with you to learn about your specific equipment and lubrication needs, and then help you create an effective lubrication reliability program that will provide equipment protection and enhanced profits. We start with an onsite equipment assessment. A trained, local lubrication consultant will provide a detailed report recommending lubricants, application methods, usage amounts, and drain or lube intervals. In addition to LE’s premium line of lubricants, your consultant can offer you several other best practice products and services to ensure the effectiveness of your program.

Xpert™ Services

Xamine™ Oil Analysis

  • Oil Analysis – LE’s oil analysis program establishes optimum drain intervals and detects wear or contamination before it damages equipment.

Xpel™ Lubricant Storage & Identification

  • Oil Storage & Transfer Containers – Sealable, reuseable oil storage and transfer containers are the solution to prevent contamination.
  • Lubricant Identification – Lubrication Engineers can help you identify all lubrication points andthen create a comprehensive approach for applying the correct lubricant identification to each point.
  • Bulk Lubricant Storage – Clean, organized lube rooms with proper storage, color-coding and identification prevent contamination and enhance safety.

Xport™ Lubricant Application

Xclude™ Contamination Exclusion

  • Desiccant Breathers – Easy-to-install desiccant breathers prevent moisture and particulates from contaminating lubricants.

Xtract™ Contamination Removal

  • Oil Sight Glasses – Oil sight glasses aid in the removal of water and allows visual inspection of oil.
  • Oil Filtration – Filtering new oil and used oil keeping it clean of particulates and moisture will prolong the life of the oil and keep the equipment protected from wear.
  • Fluid Handling Adapter Kits – Managing the fluids and keeping them clean and dry throughout the life cycle includes creating a contaminant-free environment.