Whatever your lubrication challenges, LE can help

Extreme pressure, high temperature, continuous high speed, and contamination from dirt and moisture are all conditions that can create strenuous demands on the lubrication systems protecting valuable production assets at rubber mills and plastic manufacturing plants. Whether you are producing the resin or producing a finished rubber or plastic product, Lubrication Engineers can help you create and implement a customized lubrication reliability program that protects your equipment and keeps it contaminant-free. LE’s lubrication reliability program can deliver quantifiable performance advantages to rubber and plastic manufacturing operations of all types and sizes.

Real solutions for rubber & plastics operations

It doesn’t matter if you are extruding, compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, or blow molding, LE can provide the right lubricants to keep your equipment clean and operating efficiently. Our proprietary lubricant formulations prevent pump wear by providing thermal stability and viscosity consistency, and our heavy-duty hydraulic oils offer exceptional oxidation resistance. LE lubricants can protect your tubing machines and extruders from failure. Our high-performance greases protect hydraulic pump bearings and electric motors, while our EP gear oils protect calendar gearboxes. In addition, we can provide you with desiccant breathers to keep moisture out of reservoirs.

Interested in electrical savings? Any rubber or plastic manufacturing operator knows that electric utility bills dwarf maintenance and lubricant costs. Using the right lubricant can help lower energy consumption. The greater the amount of contact, the greater the friction. As a result, more energy is required to move the surfaces relative to one another. Increased friction results in higher electrical costs. LE lubricants reduce friction, which means less electricity is required to drive a gearbox, compressor or pump. Contact one of our certified and knowledgeable local LE consultants today to discover what LE can do for your lubrication program.

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