Lubricants Can't Be Green ... Can They? | CBM Connect
Is it possible for lubricants to be considered environmentally friendly? Learn about how biodegradability, bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity tests are used to measure the environmental impact of lubricants. Find out how lubrication programs can be green through responsibly planned purchasing, storage, use and disposal – a challenge to the limited regulatory view of green lubricants that fails to consider longer lubricant and component life, and decreased energy use. Host: John Sander, vice president of research & development

Lower Your TCO with Automatic Lube Systems | Reliability Connect
Learn how you can enhance your plant’s reliability and reduce your total cost of ownership with automatic lubrication systems. Presenters will draw upon their depth of experience to explain the benefits of using automatic lubrication, which systems to select for different types of equipment, and the pros and cons of these systems. Hosts: Dean Hammes, technical manager – automatic lubrication systems, and Preston Rubottom, lubrication reliability solutions manager

The Role of Oil Analysis in Lubrication Reliability | Reliability Connect
Learn about the importance of oil analysis in any successful lubrication reliability program and the specific steps for implementing an oil analysis program – including identification of program objectives, determining sampling strategy, selecting test packages, establishing evaluation process, and managing the program. Host: Scott Leipprandt, vice president of international sales & technical services

Lubrication Fundamentals 201: Lubricant Composition | CBM Connect
Learn how finished lubricants are formulated and the types of base oils, additives and thickeners that are used and why. The pros and cons of a variety of lubricant components are explained, and explanations are given for the selections made as determined by the final use of the lubricant. Host: Scott Leipprandt, vice president of international sales & technical services

Proper Fluid Choice & Care are Critical to Hydraulic Performance | CBM Connect
A lubrication reliability effort that includes selecting the right fluid and implementing the correct reliability best practices will protect metal surfaces from wear, leading to improved uptime, reduced maintenance costs, and longer lubricant and equipment life. Host: John Sander, vice president of research & development

Grease Basics | CBM Connect
Have you ever wondered what components are used to make grease, when to use a grease over an oil, or how to choose the correct grease for your application? This presentation will address the topic of grease with answers to these questions and many more. Host: John Sander, vice president of research & development

Lube Rooms: Where Asset Death Begins! | CBM Connect
In this webinar you will learn how to address poor storage and handling practices which create problems, and you will hear about some opportunities to eliminate those costly mistakes.

Lubrication Best Practices | CBM Connect
This webinar covers lubrication best practices. While using quality lubricants is key to a reliable plant, taking care of those lubricants is crucial for minimizing downtime.

Lubricant Fundamentals 101 | CBM Connect
This webinar covers the fundamentals of lubrication, including friction and how to overcome it with the use of lubricants.