Lubricants for Wire Rope, Chain and Cable

Lubricants for wire rope, chain & cable

Wire rope, chain and cable perform better when properly maintained

Proper lubrication of your wire rope, chain and cable can safely extend its operational life regardless of application. Cranes, elevators, shovels, drilling rigs, suspension bridges and draglines are some of the many applications that use wire rope, chain or cable to perform work such as pulling, dragging or hoisting. These applications often are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including extreme weather.Lubrication Engineers can help your wire rope, chain and cable last longer and operate safely by implementing a lubricant reliability program and recommending the right lubricants for the job.

Fight corrosion of wire ropes all the way to the core

Most wire ropes are lubricated during the manufacturing process, but this lubricant will not last the entire life of the rope. When looking for a wire rope lubricant, choose lubricants that contain no acids or alkalis, possess the adhesive strength to stay on the rope, are able to penetrate between wires and strands, have high fluid film strength, resist oxidation and remain pliable. It is important to remember that most wire ropes fail from the inside out. Corroded rope can be a safety hazard, as there is no way to determine its remaining strength and life. Proper lubrication will help prevent deterioration of wire rope due to rust and corrosion. LE offers several penetrating and coating type wire rope lubricants to suit your specific needs.

When making your selection, consider the following information.

Penetrating lubricants for wire rope, chain and cable

Penetrating lubricants contain a petroleum solvent that carries the lubricant into the core of the wire rope, then evaporates, leaving behind a heavy lubricating film to protect and lubricate each strand. A penetrating lubricant is essential in any lubrication program as most wire rope fails from the inside out.

Coating lubricants for wire rope, chain and cable

Coating lubricants penetrate slightly while sealing the outside of the wire rope from moisture, and reducing wearing and fretting corrosion. When using a coating lubricant, it is best to use a penetrating lubricant in conjunction with it. First, use a penetrating lubricant to saturate the core. Then, follow up with a coating lubricant to seal and protect the outer surface.

Environmentally friendly lubricants for wire rope, chain and cable

LE’s Low Tox® Penetrating Lubricant is great for minimizing the effects of the lubricant on the surrounding environment. A wire rope lubricant can be introduced into the surrounding ecosystem in the following ways. Relubrication, lubricant degradation and wash-off due to environmental exposure. LE’s Low Tox lubricant is inherently biodegradable, which means a large percentage of the product biodegrades over times, although it does not achieve 100% degradation. It has up to a tenfold reduction in toxicity effects as compared to traditional lubricants, making it highly suitable for use around aquatic environments. If you are looking for an excellent wire rope lubricant that is also environmentally friendly, LE’s Low Tox® Penetrating Lubricant is the solution.

LE offers full-service support for wire rope, cable and chain lubrication

In addition to onsite equipment assessment, consultation and service, LE provides the following customization and value-added options:

  • Program design, implementation and support
  • Lubrication education and training
  • Wire rope single-pass lubricator

LE is happy to offer industrial lubricant and reliability recommendations for a variety of applications, and to provide product-specific data on all of our items to help you make the right decision. To learn more about our wire rope lubricants, wire rope lubricators as well as our other enhanced lubricants and lubricant reliability products, please contact LE today.

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