Turbine Oils

Turbine Oils

LE offers turbine oil formulations for all types of turbines

Lubrication Engineers has created unique blends of gas turbine oil, steam turbine oil and hydroelectric turbine oil to protect the parts of even the most high-maintenance machines. Whether your business relies on mainline / baseload turbines or peaking turbines, LE's premium turbine oils will inject new life into your equipment, relieving it of excessive temperatures and enabling it to bear heavy loads with greater ease. LE turbine oils are available for units driven with or without reduction gears in a variety of ISO viscosity grades ISO 32, ISO 46 and ISO 68.

LE turbine oils protect long-service-life equipment

LE's versatile turbine oils meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer requirements for many turbines, generators and governors. By fighting off many other common causes of equipment damage, LE turbine oils provide maximum value for long-service-life applications such as circulating oil systems, centrifugal compressors and turbine bearings.

You can rely upon LE's gas turbine, steam turbine and hydroelectric turbine oils to provide long-lasting performance, excellent water separation, R & O resistance, nonfoaming performance, resistance to varnish and sludge formation. The Monolec® Turbine Oils feature our proprietary additive, Monolec®, to reduce wear.

Low Tox® Turbine Oils are environmentally friendly option

In addition, LE's Low Tox® Turbine Oils feature low ecotoxicity for environmentally sensitive applications. They reduce environmental impact – as compared to other commercial turbine oils and biodegradable oils – while still providing outstanding wear protection and temperature reduction. That is especially valuable if your operation includes hydroelectric dams, forestry equipment, paper mills, water pumps or wastewater treatment equipment. You can protect your equipment – and your environment – with LE Low Tox Turbine Oil.

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