Extreme Pressure Grease & Other Industrial Greases

Extreme Pressure Grease & Other Industrial Greases

LE's industrial greases: General purpose bearing grease to extreme pressure grease

Lubrication Engineers offers a full line of high-performance industrial greases. Included in the LE grease line are technologically advanced, highly versatile, general purpose, heavy-duty, multifunctional and extreme pressure (EP) varieties, all of which outperform conventional greases. LE's industrial greases are formulated with a variety of thickener types, from lithium to polyurea, and come in a range of NLGI grades.

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Features of LE greases, which vary depending on the type of grease, include exceptional load-carrying ability, high dropping point, low evaporation rate, low oil separation and mechanical stability. Features such as these make the LE greases effective for a wide variety of industrial and fleet applications, including high-temperature and high-moisture operations and extended service under extreme conditions.

Among the greases in the LE line are varieties that are semi-synthetic or fully synthetic, some that meet NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact and are certified Kosher Pareve by the Orthodox Union, and some that meet USDA H2 criteria for non-food contact areas of food processing plants.

Industrial grease formulations offer cost-saving benefits

LE's greases are formulated for a variety of industries and applications to provide protection for components and parts such as bearings, bucket pins, bushings, cables, cams, chains, chassis and open gears. LE greases offer varying benefits such as reduced wear, reduced operating temperatures, longer equipment life, enhanced performance, increased efficiency, increased uptime, lower grease consumption, longer service intervals and reduced maintenance. Many LE greases resist corrosion, heat, oxidation and rust, while select varieties resist emulsification and water wash-off.

Common applications for LE greases include:

  • High-temperature and low-temperature applications
  • High-speed and low-speed applications
  • Centralized automatic lubrication systems
  • Friction and anti-friction bearings
  • High-speed and slow-speed bearings

Whether you are looking for an extreme pressure grease, lithium complex grease, bearing grease, chassis grease or any other type of high-performance industrial grease, LE has the products and the expertise that you need. To learn more about our industrial greases, please contact LE today.

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Extreme Pressure Grease & Other Industrial Greases

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