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Our diverse customers include water & wastewater treatment, power generation, fleet, agriculture, cement, construction, food, manufacturing, mining, and more.



Our premium lubricants made of highly refined base oils and proprietary additives vastly outperform conventional oils and greases in nearly any application.


Reliability SolutionsReliability Solutions

Our lubrication reliability offerings include solutions for oil analysis, storage, handling, transfer, contamination control, education and training.


Making Reliability Easy for You

With our highly trained consultants, enhanced industrial and automotive lubricants, and comprehensive line of reliability products and services to keep your lubricants clean and dry, Lubrication Engineers can create solutions for any of your lubrication needs. LE oils and greases exceed the performance of ordinary lubricants in a variety of applications, including food processing, power generation, water & wastewater treatment, industrial manufacturing, transportation, drilling and mining. Explore our website to find out more.

Brought to You by Highly Trained Sales Consultants

Lubrication Engineers delivers our message of enhanced lubricants and reliability through a network of highly trained consultants. They are either certified or studying to be certified through STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers) or ICML (International Council for Machinery Lubrication).

Benefits include:

  • Greater ROI through enhanced lubricants
  • Onsite lubrication expertise
  • Lubrication best practices instruction
  • Reliability product & service recommendations
  • Lubrication reliability training
  • Equipment/plant surveys
  • Lubricant consolidation recommendations
  • Oil analysis interpretation

Our consultants approach every opportunity by asking, "What has your current lubricant supplier done for you lately to help you reduce the amount of lubricants being used in your equipment?" If you don't know that answer, you should contact an LE consultant now. Find a consultant near you.

Lubrication Engineers