Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils

The right hydraulic oil provides smoother ride for your equipment

It's no industry secret: One of the best ways to run your hydraulic systems smoothly is to use the right hydraulic fluids. Lubrication Engineers offers a full line of multifunctional hydraulic oils, including several 100 percent synthetic formulations, all of which outperform conventional hydraulic fluids. They provide superior rust prevention, water separation ability, high film strength and excellent handling under extreme pressures. They ensure smooth transition of power and protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

LE hydraulic oils can meet any challenge

Hydraulic systems that operate high-speed, high-pressure hydraulic pumps are common in today's world. LE's hydraulic oils are available in a wide range of ISO and SAE grades to meet these and many other critical machinery challenges. Some applications require hydraulic fluids with R & O properties that conform to the vigorous standards of the equipment's original manufacturers. Other hydraulic applications – such as the bucket trucks that provide electrical service for urban electric grids – require lubricants with low-temperature properties and high dielectric strength for protective insulation.

LE's hydraulic oils offer an array of impressive characteristics to meet these varying standards. Some of these oils feature high resistance to consistently elevated, turbine-grade temperatures. Other hydraulic oils (such as those used for food processing and packaging) need to meet NSF H1 requirements for incidental food contact or meet the USDA H2 criteria for nonfood contact areas of food processing and packaging plants. Still other hydraulic fluids must provide heavy-duty performance in an environmentally friendly formula – in applications such as flood control structures, offshore installations, locks on rivers, dredging equipment and other environmentally sensitive applications. LE's comprehensive line of hydraulic oils is designed to accommodate diverse lubricant needs.

Proprietary additives ensure improved performance

Monolec®, LE's in-house wear-reducing additive, creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing oil film strength without affecting clearances, and allowing for opposing surfaces to slide by another. The result is greatly reduced friction, heat and wear. This is of great benefit for mobile and stationary hydraulic systems, such as construction equipment and utility service boom trucks. Quinplex® is LE's exclusive impact-resistant additive that forms a barrier between your hydraulic system and corrosion. Oils with this additive offer outstanding water resistance, tackiness and enhanced mechanical ability.

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Hydraulic Oils

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