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LE can help with your food grade oil and grease needs

When it comes to food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, Lubrication Engineers food grade oil and food grade grease can play a significant role in preventing costly damage brought on by severe operating conditions. Our high-performance H1 and H2 products include solutions for heat, cold, moisture, rust and oxidation (R & O), wear and more. Whether you need a high temperature lubricant or any other type of lubricant for a specific application or conditions, LE has a suitable food machinery lubricant solution.

Options include 100 percent synthetic lubricant formulas as well as synthetic-paraffinic blends. Aerosol versions also are available. Some food machinery lubricants are additive-free, USP-grade white mineral oils, while others contain our exclusive additives, specially designed to enhance performance. Quinplex®, Almasol®, Monolec® and Duolec® are additives that impart various qualities to our food machinery lubricants, including impact resistance, wear reduction, and increased oil film strength.

Lubricants that are NSF H1 certified have been cleared for use in USDA-inspected food processing plants and can be used where incidental food contact may occur. All LE H1 lubricants – except for H1 Machine Oil – are also certified Kosher Pareve by the Orthodox Union. H2 lubricants meet USDA H2 criteria for nonfood contact areas of food processing plants.

H1 grease, H1 oils and H2 lubricants: Performance under pressure

LE's selection of H1 and H2 food machinery lubricants provides superior performance under a range of conditions. Depending on the particular food grade oil or food grade grease, benefits and features vary.

H1 Grease

Our H1 grease is heavy-duty, extreme pressure, white and nonstaining, and environmentally safe. In addition, it is resistant to multiple items, including water, heat, impact and mild acids and alkaline fluids.

H1 Oils

LE's H1 oils offer superior anti-wear and low-temperature performance, excellent EP characteristics, and top-notch load-carrying abilities. Our oils are also pure, translucent and nonstaining, feature a pleasant odor, and are environmentally friendly. They are well equipped to resist rust and oxidation (R & O).

H2 Lubricants

These multifunctional and versatile lubricants feature numerous benefits, including excellent compatibility, a wide temperature range, excellent water separation, and the ability to withstand heat without oxidizing. They ensure quiet operation, do not gum or build up deposits, and are easy to apply. When applied properly, they reduce friction and wear, and are corrosion-resistant.

To learn more about our food grade oil and grease solutions, please contact LE.

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